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Michael Carr

Professional Public Insurance Adjuster

Professional Profile

Michael Carr is a Professional Public Insurance Adjuster for the Las Vegas office of The Greenspan Company/Adjusters International. He prides himself on being aware of his clients’ needs in order to handle their claims in the most efficient manner possible. He is well-known in the insurance industry and well-liked for his calm and collected manner. His easygoing personality allows all parties involved to work well together during the claims process.

Michael was born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin. He received his Bachelor of Science in Physics from University of Wisconsin in 1984. After college he worked as a mortgage broker and agent for The Prudential Insurance Company.

During his free time, Michael enjoys fishing, mountain biking, and going on cross-country drives to visit friends and family.

Public Adjusting Licensures

  • California Public Adjuster License #2B63207
  • Kansas Public Adjuster License #2630482
  • New Mexico Public Adjuster License #280398
  • Nevada Public Adjuster License #628108
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