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How long does it take to prepare a claim and get a settlement?


I like to say that this is a marathon, not a sprint. The time it takes depends on you and your goals. Our job is to understand your goals and execute a strategy based on those goals. If given a choice – settle today for $100,000 or secure support and documentation that will allow you to settle for substantially more, but it will add 60 days – which path would you choose? The time it takes to prepare an inventory for a home that is completely destroyed is longer than one that is partially destroyed. There is no formula. What we can assure you is the best possible settlement in the shortest possible time taking into account your specific needs and the needs of your claim's documentation.

Engaging us to prepare your claim means you have an insurance professional working only for you. A professional who knows how to efficiently utilize resources documenting your damage in detail to prepare a supportable claim, and who will challenge the insurance company if things are missed or are moving slowly.

So get smart. Get educated. Get the hiring the best.

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