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We build and uphold our reputation every day by successfully managing claims and getting our clients the financial recovery they need to return to their lives sooner. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you and how we can help. As you consider having us work on your behalf, see what some of our clients are saying.
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We surely have had a pleasant relationship and we look forward to continuing it. We believe that, in general, your services have been of extremely high quality and we do appreciate those efforts on our behalf.
Bosley Medical Group
Don't Worry,' he said, 'you do not need any professional adjuster working with you. I will handle everything at no cost to you.' Like a babe in the woods I went along with him and quickly learned that the only people tougher to collect from than an insurance company is a bankrupt restaurant. Insurance companies like to collect premiums but do not graciously pay the insured what is rightfully his. Their adjusters before being hired are evidently screened for their ability to be unfair and insensitive to the plight of the poor homeowner. I, a seasoned businessman, quickly learned that I was no match for all the roadblocks the insurer set up in order to reduce their exposure…Once you came on the scene the ball game changed and the playing field was leveled…as a matter of fact I felt that I now had the edge. The professionalism and expertise you brought to the scene enabled my wife and me to finally relax and to finally believe that the matter would be concluded fairly and that we would receive the settlement that was due us. And that's what happened.
Clearly, hiring your firm was the right decision. You and your entire organization are to be commended. Rest assured that any future claims we have will be handled by your firm. Thank you.
Hire them upfront. Do not wait around like I did as it only makes the settlement time frame longer. The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International contacted me right after my fire loss to offer assistance on the claim but I thought how hard could it be to handle the settlement process myself. Little did I know. I met with the insurance company and almost the first words from them was warning me about all these public adjusters with their high fees that would be calling me. The insurance adjuster advised me not to listen, as the insurance company had my best interest at heart and would make me whole for my losses. Finally, they said their experts had finished and that the total damages were in the $650,000-$700,000 range. My policy was for $1,680,000. I settled the claim at full policy value plus some extras all because of the The Greenspan Co./ Adjusters International professionals. Get them in early, and let them do their magic. You will not regret it!
As you know, Westak had tried to internally deal with a business interruption claim in 1987 which yielded absolutely nothing. When the fire occurred at our manufacturing facility in 1992, our management team debated handling the claim internally with the assistance of our insurance broker, Willis Corroon. After talking with The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International, I felt comfortable that our claim would be handled professionally and in an expeditious manner. Our entire management team began to realize that we could truly concentrate on restoring the facility and running the company while The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International handled the insurance claim. You requested a reasonable amount of documentation, made helpful suggestions as to structuring the data that needed to be compiled, and did the majority of the actual calculations yourself…Our insurance company made every effort to both minimize the amount of the loss and delay payment as long as possible…Again, I wish to thank you for performing above our expectations...
Louise Crisham, Chief Financial Officer
...Not knowing where to turn, I called John Garamendi, former Insurance Commissioner of California and currently a U. S. Congressman. John, without hesitating, told me to call you. Looking back I know two things: 1) I cannot thank John enough for the recommendation and, 2) it is the best decision we ever made and the claim was concluded and paid in the total sum 4.5 times greater than Travelers original offer!
It was a very traumatic situation, but we felt very comfortable in having you take over the burden. It also helped us deal with the situation better by having someone as concerned and knowledgeable as you in our corner. We feel that our losses were minimized due to your expert handling and liaison between the insurance representatives and ourselves, and we would not hesitate to recommend your services should anyone have the need for them.
Glenn Poy, Managing Director
...your lead adjuster took command of our claim and negotiations with our insurance carrier and has returned more than three times what the initial claim value appeared to be. As a result of all your fine efforts, we have been able to rebuild a new facility, larger than the one we lost; installed a state of the art packing line; and have improved our site facility all for the amount of the settlement. We initially looked at your fee as a cost of doing business. It turns out that the fee we paid of $218,858.00 was a true value compared to the additional reimbursements The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International was able to negotiate on the claim.
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