Public Adjusters for Collapse Damage

What if a sudden storm overwhelmed your building’s rooftop and caused it to collapse? Or hidden components within your building’s walls warped and weakened it over time to the brink of destruction? If your commercial property suffers a structural collapse, it does not also have to bring down your business.

Keep in mind that with collapse claims, the collapse damage can be interpreted in different ways, and less in your favor. As partners in your recovery, our public adjusters make sure you recover all that you deserve.

Some buildings are vulnerable to collapse for a variety of reasons. In most cases, collapse is already built into your commercial property insurance policy because it can happen to you regardless of where your business is located. In the North, heavy snow on your building may cause a roof collapse. In the South, air conditioning units on the top of your building may weigh down and weaken the roof to the point of collapse.

Is the damage partial or total? How can you determine your insurance coverage for collapse claims? Your insurance company’s team will have their own interpretation of the extent of the property damage and what is covered in your commercial insurance policy. Who is on your team working to protect your interests?

We have helped handle collapse claims for business owners throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada.

We have helped policyholders in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Pleasanton, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Encino, Torrance, Riverside, Orange County, Irvine, Palm Springs, and San Diego — as well as in and around Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Greenspan Co. public adjusters are experts and have the experience and resources to evaluate and document your damage in detail and negotiate your claim for the maximum amount. When your business is at stake, you deserve to rebuild and continue operations as quickly as possible.

What To Focus On After Collapse Damage

Make sure you fully understand the meaning of each of the following before you move forward. Feel free to reach out to us for a no-cost discussion about your claim.
  • What is my agent or broker’s role?
  • How do I keep my employees?
  • How do I keep my customers?
  • Why is a claim strategy so important?
  • Am I impacted by coinsurance?
  • What do I need to know about the insurance company’s adjuster and experts?
  • Am I entitled to an advance from the insurance company? What is reasonable?
  • What does it mean when the insurance company recommends a preferred vendor? Who will this vendor actually be working for?
  • Contractors may tell you they can do what public adjusters can do. Can they really? What is their background and education in insurance? Are they licensed and bonded? In many states, like California, it’s against the law to practice without a license!
  • The policy says it is your responsibility to submit a reconstruction estimate. Why would the insurer want to do it for you?
  • What is the difference between functional replacement and true replacement cost coverage and why should you care?
  • How is actual cash value determined?
  • Can you do the repairs yourself? Are you entitled to the overhead and/or profit that a contractor would typically charge?
  • What are the benefits and the pitfalls of not replacing your building?
  • Do you have to replace on the same site? Can you buy or build elsewhere?
  • Can you collect building code enhancement coverage if you build elsewhere?
  • How quickly can you start rebuilding following a loss?
  • How much of my time will this take?

How Our Team Helps You

  • Evaluate Icon Evaluate Fully reviewing your insurance coverage.
  • Strategy Icon Strategy Developing a claim management strategy.
  • Compliance Icon Compliance Determining policy compliance issues.
  • Valuations Icon Valuations Completing detailed valuations of building, equipment and inventory losses.
  • Interruption Icon Interruption Formulating business interruption models.
  • Itemization Icon Itemization Presenting and supporting an itemized claim package to your insurer.
  • Negotiation Icon Negotiation Negotiating on your behalf with your insurance company.
  • Communication Icon Communication Keeping you informed every step of the way.
  • Settlement Icon Settlement Ultimately settling the claim for the maximum amount and with less hassle for you.

Industries Our Public Adjusters Have Helped

  • Client References & Testimonials

    Client References


    On behalf of Nature Quality Partners, I wanted to take this time to thank you for the extreme hard work and excellent job you performed in the adjustment of our collapse loss. After several months of dealing with The Hartford and then hearing about your firm’s services, we decided to reach out to you. It was the best choice we ever made. I’m only sorry that we hadn’t known about your firm initially as I suspect you probably would have been able to secure a larger settlement on our behalf. However, a $500,000 increase in our settlement proceeds is nothing to dismiss. No doubt you earned every penny of your fee. Because The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International went above and beyond our expectations, we are releasing the 1% “happy fee” as agreed in the Public Adjusters Contract. Also I would like to mention the fact that you went the extra mile to secure every last dollar due to us, and kept after them till the settlement was attained. You and your firm were extremely professional at all times and a pleasure to work with.
    As one of the larger producers of garbanzo beans in The West, we pride ourselves in knowing everything there is to know about our craft. We also pride ourselves on knowing when someone else knows better. It’s not often that one’s expectations are exceeded. You exceeded our expectations. As far as the fire is concerned, our claim is settled, our storage capacity is double what it was, your fee was paid, and in essence, it cost us nothing. You are one of the best investments we ever made. And as far as the collapse is concerned, your meticulous, forensic approach to our claim caused the carrier to come to the table and change their offer from zero to almost $500,000. We can’t thank you enough for your efforts in our behalf.
  • Case Studies

    Massive Mission Street fire requires novel solution. Insurer’s response jeopardizes a hardware store’s recovery

    In the dark hours before dawn in January, a sudden burst of torrential rain hit the town of Montecito in Southern California, dumping a half-an-inch of water within five minutes.

    The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International would find a solution to each of her concerns. The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International successfully increased Jeannie’s settlement from an original $650,000.00 estimate to approximately $1.8 million

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