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House Fire Victim’s Advice


Hi my name is Dick Emerine. If you’re watching this video, either your home or your business is burned down. I’m so sorry, you have my sincere condolences.

January the 18th, 2009 my home in Phoenix, Arizona burned to the ground. I’m a pretty bright guy, I’ve got a PhD in economics, I used to be a partner at a major accounting firm – I thought I could handle this situation myself. I quickly learned that I was wrong. (Pause) I know, from personal experience, everyone in the world is pestering you at this moment, so let me keep my comments to you short and sweet.

Dealing with this insurance company and filing the claim process is an incredibly complicated procedure. Your insurance company is not on your side to maximize the amount of money you can recover that you’re entitled to recover from your claim.

If you’re not familiar with a pubic adjuster – and Greenspan Adjusters International in particular – they take a percentage of the claim as their compensation. When I did a back of the envelope computation as to what I would have recovered in the absence of Greenspan’s assistance versus the amount of money that I got with Greenspan, the fee was more than 3 times paid for by the increased amount of claim that I received that I would have done by doing it only by myself.

The entire process from beginning to end was done in a very professional, friendly manner. From my experience, the one big group of people that can help you are the public adjusters.

I chose Greenspan Adjusters International because they are the gold standard of the business. I think that you’ll find that they more than pay for themselves, if you use their services…And once again…my sincere condolences on, on your loss.

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