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The Public Adjuster’s Passion


‘The Public Adjusters Passion’ Video Transcript

Speaker 1 (Clay Gibson): Well, I think the most important thing to understand about public adjusters is we’re advocates for the insured. So the most important thing is I’m looking out for the insured to make sure that his house is put back together… and his personal property is replaced. In a way, similar to what it was…and…and he’s made whole. I’m not worried about whether it’s going to cost the insurance company more money, I’m worried about whether it going to be right for the insured.

We’re putting people’s lives back together – I mean the best part of my job is…when I go out to the insured’s house and it is has been put back together…

Speaker 2 (Interviewer): (Inaudible)

Speaker 1: …that…that their house is rebuilt, they’ve moved back into their home, they’ve replaced their personal property… I mean, it’s an amazing feeling when you can walk out there and say, “Hey my efforts… with the client’s efforts, together we have…put their lives back together again.”

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