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Trinity River Saw Mill Case Study


Speaker 1: Why are you here today?

Speaker 2: To support Trinity River Lumber, and, their ah, success here in getting their mill back up.

Speaker 3 (Dee Sanders): Trinity Mill ran a successful two-shift operation, until that eventful day of September 12th, 2009 we lost the mill…due to the fire. With the help of Greenspan Company, we began a settlement with the insurance company. We want to thank Greenspan for their work, with dealing with the insurance company and settlement.

Speaker 4 (Kenny Taylor): By the time we got on scene…the damage was already done… and we came in to kinda pick up the pieces and help guide them through the process of filing a claim, and…you know, negotiating with the insurance company and bringing them up to speed with what – what is required.

Speaker 5 (Gary Johnson): The sawmill was started in approximately 1800 after the California Gold Rush, in the area. The Trinity River Saw Mill is the staple of Weaverville. Without the Trinity River Saw Mill, the likelihood of Weaverville continuing is extremely doubtful. The coverage issues included not only the issue involving the per occurrence limit of liability, in relationship to the statement of values, but also the protective safeguard endorsement.

Speaker 1: How important is the mill to this community?

Speaker 2: It’s extremely important to Weaverville, it’s extremely important to all the communities around it too.

Speaker 6: Locals are pretty excited, and it helps give more business around here for most stores I’ve been going to– so they say– so, I think it’s pretty important.

Voice-Over (Gary Johnson): With every client that we work for, I’m proud to say, that there is a connection, and there is a friendship forever.

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