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Public Adjusters for Hurricane Damage

Hurricane damage to your home can become a complex process to assess and document, and may not be sufficiently covered in your residential property insurance. Due to large deductibles and the separation of flood versus wind damage, our public adjusters are specialists in claim management to get you the optimum amount to reverse the seemingly irreversible and place you on a path to rebuild.

Our professionals use our unmatched experience and resources to maximize your hurricane damage claim and expedite the hurricane insurance claim process to help you recover sooner

There are important questions homeowners may have after suffering hurricane damage:

  • Does flood insurance cover hurricanes?
  • Does homeowners insurance cover hurricane damage?

Unfortunately, there have been many occasions where homeowners have not been adequately covered in their insurance policy because of the complexity in assessing and properly categorizing hurricane and water damage inflicted upon their property.

The Greenspan Co. public adjusters make sure that is not the case with the families and individuals we represent throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada.

This includes policyholders from San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Pleasanton, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Encino, Torrance, Riverside, Orange County, Irvine, Palm Springs, and San Diego — as well as in and around Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. We help you understand your coverage for hurricane damage and advise you on the best ways to maximize your recovery. Our public adjusters properly evaluate and document your damage, and negotiate your hurricane claim for the maximum amount so you can recover sooner. We are your trusted advocates working only for you, lifting the burden of dealing with the hurricane insurance claim process, while you can focus on the safety of your family.

What To Focus On After Hurricane Damage

Make sure you fully understand the meaning of each of