Cindy Fortune 2023

Cindy Fortune

Chief Administrative Officer

Professional Profile

Cindy Fortune serves as Greenspan’s Chief Administrative Officer with 35 years of experience in law firm administration and human resources. She joined Greenspan in 2019 and has a passion for streamlining processes, training, office buildouts / moves, and developing teams. She leverages her experience, training, and networking connections to accomplish a wide variety of administrative and HR functions.

Cindy has been a member of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) since 1989 and served on the Board of the local Greater Los Angeles Chapter of ALA.

Cindy grew up in Kansas City, MO before moving to Los Angeles, CA in 1979. She has been married for 40+ years and her interests outside of work include spending time with her family, yoga, reading, transcendental meditation, snowboarding, water skiing, hiking, horseback riding, and having fun adventures with her granddaughter.