Benitez Livia

Livia Benitez

Client and Vendor Liaison

Professional Profile

Livia Benitez has over a decade of experience handling nearly every aspect of contents claims. Livia’s confidence in working the ins and outs of contents claims knows no bounds, from pack out and contents restoration to policy holder advocacy. Livia worked in the water/fire/disaster restoration space prior to joining The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International and has guided hundreds of homeowners through the personal property portion of their claims.

Livia’s position as Client and Vendor Liaison utilizes her sharpest skills to ensure The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International’s continued excellence with our business relationships and reputation. The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International strives for customer satisfaction and Livia’s organizational skills, strong understanding of the field and ability to have a personalized relationship with each client will achieve and maintain that goal. As a bilingual professional, she thrives on sustaining the interpersonal needs of the wide range of individuals involved in the claims’ process. She is detail oriented, self-motivated, and a team player.

In her free time, Livia loves to watch and play sports, and can often be found outdoors in nature or adventuring in a new city with family and friends.

Public Adjusting Licenses

  • California Public Adjuster License #4247456