Tim Larsen

Tim Larsen

General Counsel

Professional Profile

Tim Larsen has been immersed in the insurance industry for over a decade, having previously served as a claims representative for a major insurance company adjusting first and third party claims and as a practicing attorney representing insurance companies. Prior to joining Adjusters International, he served as General Counsel for the San Francisco Housing Authority, where he oversaw all legal matters for the agency.

As General Counsel and a Licensed Public Adjuster, Tim handles both residential and commercial cases with special expertise in business interruption and course of construction claims. Through his previous work with insurance companies, Tim is fluent in “insurance speak” – the fine language of policies and procedures that govern the claims negotiation process. With his background in law, Tim applies a legal lens to each of his clients’ cases, using the legal experience he has gained through years of working with insurance companies. He brings first-rate negotiation skills and a unique perspective to the service of his clients and leverages a keen knowledge of what insurance companies need to evaluate a loss to communicate issues effectively and efficiently across the table, helping his clients reach a fair and expeditious result that paves the way for their financial recovery.

Personal Commitment

“Much of my work involves assisting folks either professionally or emotionally when they are going through a devastating loss. It can really turn their lives upside down and they need someone who will support them all along the way. I find it rewarding to be able to help clients through this difficult process.”

Public Adjusting Licenses

  • Arizona State Public Adjuster License #1144723
  • British Columbia Public Adjuster License #20220036450R01
  • California State Public Adjuster License #2I85186
  • Colorado State Public Adjuster License #538108
  • Iowa State Public Adjuster License #418481
  • Montana State Public Adjuster License #3000472480
  • Nevada State Public Adjuster License #3149012
  • Puerto Rico Public Adjuster License #3000180323
  • Texas State Public Adjuster License #2254755
  • Utah State Public Adjuster License #567742
  • US Virgin Island Public Adjuster License #3002506330
  • Washington State Public Adjuster License #915971
  • Wyoming State Public Adjuster License #340037