In the event of a Fresno earthquake, wildfire, flood or other disaster, it is crucial to know you have a team of insurance professionals that can help you get a better settlement than what your insurance company offers for your property damage claim. Our public adjusters are highly experienced insurance professionals helping Fresno homeowners and business owners maximize their insurance claims to recover faster.

What Type of Property Damage Is Common in Fresno?


From the 2015 Rough Fire to the 2019 California wildfires, Fresno is vulnerable to wildfire damage and smoke damage. Our public adjusters specialize in wildfire damage claims, having handled them for every major California wildfire in the last fifty years.

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Flooded Commercial Buildings


Fresno has experienced significant flooding in the last few years. Fresno flooding has led to lost homes, damaged properties, and families and businesses having to put everything on hold. The Greenspan Company understands flood insurance thoroughly and can maximize your recovery sooner.

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Tornado Approaching a Residence

Wind Damage

Heavy winds can damage roofs, windows, and the siding of houses and buildings. Our public adjusters can accurately assess and document your Fresno wind damage for a detailed claim that gets you the most.

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Earthquakes are common in California, and Fresno is no exception. It’s estimated that there’s a seventy-five percent chance the region will experience one within the next thirty years. Even the smallest tremor can crack a foundation and compromise your property’s structural integrity. A public adjuster can accurately document that damage in a claim that can help restore your property and build it up stronger.

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Why Do You Need a Fresno Public Adjuster?

When disaster strikes your property, you have your family and business to focus on. Do you also have time to prepare an accurate insurance claim for the damage? The insurance company will have their own insurance adjuster to help protect their financial commitment to your recovery. Who can help you? A licensed public adjuster is an insurance professional working only for you. We save you time and lower your stress by preparing and defending a maximized claim that gets you more than what your insurance company may offer.

Why The Greenspan Co.?

For seventy-three years, The Greenspan Company’s public adjusters have been helping people and businesses in California and the Western United States recover from property damage. Our purpose is to advocate for policyholders, using our resources and expertise to level the playing field when dealing with the insurance company. We’ve handled thousands of claims from a variety of circumstances, and our reputation for success has made us the standard in our industry. Take a look at our 5,000+ referrals from happy clients to discover how we can help you.

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