Our public adjusters in Roseville, California are the leading property damage claim management professionals on the West Coast. If your home or business has been hit by a disaster, we have your back to ensure a smoother and faster insurance claim process – and a maximized settlement.

Your insurance company will send an adjuster to your property to assess damage, but that adjuster doesn’t work for you and does not have your best interests in mind. To ensure the full scope of your damage is accurately assessed and that your claim is prepared professionally and efficiently, a public adjuster should be hired to manage your claim.

Don’t leave money on the table. Our team will get you every dollar you’re entitled to.

Below are some clients that we have helped in the past. 

Windsor Fashions
Roseville, CA

“This has been a difficult process. It’s not every day your business catches fire. Without experience in dealing with this kind of matter, I never would have been able to recover the costs from the insurance company that we have. Because of your professionalism and expeditious manner we have come through this and our Sacramento store is back in operation.”

Creative Tile
Roseville, CA 

"This has been a difficult process. It's not everyday that your business catches fire. Without experience in dealing with this kind of matter I never would have been able to recover the costs from the insurance company that I have. Because of your professionalism and expeditious manner we have come through this and are on our way back to success."

John & Elizabeth McDonald
Tahoe City, CA

"Though we had always assumed that our homeowner's insurance would take care of our problems in the event of such disasters, we were disappointed with the many loose-ends they left in their wake…We pensively took the chance and signed up for Greenspan Adjusters International to represent us. We were then introduced to Frank Candido who, in so many ways, took us under his wing, reassured us, and carried us through the rebuilding process from beginning to end. The insurance company stalled and was uncooperative throughout, but Frank was there keeping them accountable and encouraging us…We now know from experience that Greenspan Adjusters International served our needs so that, when done, we were satisfied with the finished house and our personal losses were recouped. In addition, the fees paid to your company were well worth it and were offset because your organization gained us much more than the insurance company tried to get us to settle for."

Additional clients we have served in your area

  • Thomas & Laverne Craig - Rancho Murieta, CA
  • Barker Hotel - Roseville, CA
  • AAA Plating - Sacramento, CA
  • Secrets Inn - South Lake Tahoe, CA
  • Cafe Cobblestone - Tahoe City, CA
  • Sacramento Utilities Supply - Placerville, CA
  • Jane & Patrick Smith - Placerville, CA
  • Jeff Cook & Janet Ambrosini, Placerville, CA

What Types of Property Damage Are Common in Roseville?



Roseville policyholders face the ever-present threat of large damaging wildfires. If your property suffers smoke damage, structural damage or any other type of wildfire damage, our experts know exactly how to handle your claim and communicate with your insurance company to get you the largest settlement possible.

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Flooded Commercial Buildings


In Roseville, in the event of heavy rainfall, flooding is a property damage risk in older areas of the city, along Dry, Linda, and Cirby Creeks.

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With the Cleveland Hills and Sierra Nevada Faults, along with the San Joaquin Fault Zone, Northern California and Placer County have a 76% chance of getting hit with an M 7.0 or greater earthquake, which would cause extensive damage, including but not limited to complete structural collapse.

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Why Do You Need a Roseville Public Adjuster?

In California, where disasters are common and damage can be devastating, it’s smart to connect with an expert public adjusting firm, like The Greenspan Company, to ensure you’re protected no matter what comes your way.

We interpret your complex policy language, thoroughly assess and document even the most hidden damages, handle all communication with your insurance company, professionally prepare and present your claim, and negotiate for a full and fair settlement.

Why The Greenspan Co.?

We are the most reputable public adjusting firm in the West Coast and have seventy-three years of experience continually raising the bar for our clients. We strive to offer the best service because we genuinely care about the work we do. We’re on a mission to protect policyholders by educating them on the importance of professional claim management and have even provided free workshops, seminars, and Town Halls to help communities rebuild in the wake of disaster.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands and that we’ll work diligently to ensure your full financial recovery.

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