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When to hire a public adjuster?


Dick Emerine:

Honestly, the sooner you can hire a public adjuster, the better. It’s most important, from my experience, that you hire, or you retain, a public adjuster, prior to talking to the insurance company adjuster, so that you don’t say something which could be used against you subsequently, in the process.

The insurance companies are for profit business. Once you’ve had a fire, that’s when their expenses occur. If you’re just paying premiums to them without having a fire or an accident, it’s all income or revenue to them – but the moment you’ve had a fire, you’re an “expense,” or a “cost item” to them. What they are attempting to do is – keep as much of the profits as they possibly can. Their business is to try and minimize the amount of money that you receive from your claim.

The only way you can avoid that happening to you, and get it – what you’re entitled to – is to have someone who understands the insides and outsides of the process, advocating on your behalf.

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