Homeowners Insurance Policy for Wildfire Damage

Rather than you, the policyholder, getting engulfed in a frustrating insurance claim process, our public adjusters are deeply experienced in the handling of wildfire claims, and lift the burden of managing your claim to get you the maximum amount to recover.
In the aftermath of wildfire damage, it’s best to take a step back as the policyholder to consider the best options available for a faster recovery and a maximized wildfire insurance claim.

The damage caused to your property by wildfire can involve more than flames and smoke. What about water damage, if that was the method to quell the wildfire? Was your home completely or partially burned? Do you know in detail what your homeowners insurance policy covers before you file a claim with your insurance company?

As public adjusters independent from your insurance company, we offer the highest standard of experience in wildfire insurance claims. We are aligned only with your interests and will be there to walk you through your insurance policy and the claim process. Our public adjusters have helped countless homeowners just like you with wildfire damage claims throughout California, including San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Pleasanton, San Jose, Santa Clara, Fresno, Bakersfield, Santa Barabara, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, and San Diego  — as well as in and around Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Our adjusters evaluate, document, and negotiate your claim to get you the maximum amount so your family can recover sooner.

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How Can A Public Adjuster Help Following A Wildfire

What To Focus On After Wildfire Damage

Make sure you fully understand the meaning of each of the following before you move forward. Feel free to reach out to us for a no-cost discussion about your claim.
  • How can I minimize the emotional toll on my family?
  • How large of an advance should I expect?
  • How has my insurance company handled past wildfires?
  • What is demand surge? Will my insurance cover it?
  • How can the adjuster represent both me and the insurance company?
  • Can my agent/broker really help me or not?
  • Why is a claim strategy so important?
  • Get educated.
  • Successful evaluation of damages hinges upon a well-coordinated effort between estimators, inventory specialists, and consultants. Do you have the right experts lined up? Should you trust the insurance company’s cadre of experts?
  • Has the public adjuster you are considering hiring handled other wildfire losses? How many? What can he/she tell you?
  • Is the scope of this disaster large enough that political and grass roots pressure will have an impact?
  • How long am I really going to be out of my house?
  • My adjuster says I have to use my advance to buy furniture for the rental home. But the rooms are different sizes and I don’t know what my color scheme will be and I am under so much stress right now. Do I have to? Why can’t I just rent the stuff?
  • What about mold caused by the water damage? Is that damage covered?
  • How much of my time will this take?

Property Damage Losses Homeowners Claims Recovery Process

Property Damage
Time Element
Life & Safety Issues
Mitigation of Damages
Establish A Preliminary Recovery Plan
Evaluation of Coverages
Valuation Of Damages, Claim Preparation, and Documentation
Negotiations & Settlement
Restoration Of Property & Operations

How Our Team Helps You

  • Evaluate Icon Evaluate Evaluating your insurance policy to establish the best possible strategy for presenting your claim to the insurer.
  • Strategy Icon Strategy Valuing, documenting, and substantiating every detail.
  • Communication Icon Communication Keeping you informed every step of the way.
  • Negotiation Icon Negotiation Negotiating on your behalf with your insurance company.
  • Settlement Icon Settlement Ultimately settling the claim for the maximum amount and with less hassle for you.

Homeowners We Have Helped

Hello Big Sur and Highlands neighbors, as alumni of the Pfeiffer 2013 fire where we lost our then home, we want you to know what made a huge difference after the fact. There is a category of a public company called “Public Adjuster”. Your public adjuster works for you and without ours we never would have come out financially whole and that includes their fee, which is a % of what they get back for you. They are amazing, doggedly persistent and do not stop until the job is done. We lost our home to a wild fire in Big Sur. We NEVER could have achieved the recovery they did because they know how the process works. So many things the insurance company never tells you! They are more than worth every penny of their fees. A way to think of this is if you get sued or have a legal problem you hire a lawyer to work for you as the person suing you or whatever company you have a problem for CERTAINLY has a lawyer working for/defending their interests. This is what The Greenspan Co./ Adjusters International does for you. Yes, the insurance company assigns a claim adjuster to your case but they are NOT your advocate… they work for the insurance company. So, it makes sense any way you look at it!
Anne Ashley & John Alvord
The loss of our home was a devastating experience, financially and emotionally. It did not take us long to realize that we did not have the time and energy to begin rebuilding our lives, deal with the insurance company and their requirements, and still continue to work at our jobs and lead a life that had some pleasure in it. Furthermore, we also realized that we did not have the experience to formulate the inventory list, establish the value of the home we lost and maximize our insurance benefits. It was very obvious that this would be the largest financial transaction of our lives. From our initial contact with The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International to our final dealings last week we have had the pleasure of dealing with consummate professionals…The entire staff was always responsive to our needs and the results are far more wonderful than we had even dreamed. If we had not dealt with The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International, we are certain that we would have settled for a great deal less and the consequence would have been that the rest of our lives would have been compromised.
Steven R. Chew, D.D.S.
Leslie, Steven & Robert Chew
  • Adrienne Agnew
  • Andrew & Alice Durkin
  • Andrew Hull, MD
  • Anne Ashley / John Alvord
  • Arthur Paul Ruth
  • Arthur Pollock, Esq. & Annie Pollock
  • Barry & Karen Scougale
  • Barton "Bo" & Vickie Boyd
  • Beth & David Hoge
  • Betty Ann Bruno
  • Bill & Virginia Armstrong
  • Bob & Nina Finkel
  • Bob Champagne
  • Bob Fischer
  • Carl & Elinore Kinczel
  • Carl Rankin
  • Carmen Grim
  • Carol & Dennis Guinaugh
  • Cary Burch
  • Charles Alcock / May-Ying Chu
  • Chris & Kathleen Schoon
  • Chris Hudson & Lois Lyons
  • Christine Donahue
  • Connie Linden
  • Consuelo Robles
  • Corey & Cherie Klein
  • Dante Musarra
  • Dave & Emily Umemoto
  • David & Kathryn Schiff
  • David & Marilee Doolittle
  • David Fazio
  • David Hofstatter
  • David Shaw
  • Delia Risbrough & Neil Osborne
  • Diane Schneider
  • Diedre English
  • Donna & Bobbie Blocker
  • Douglas & Christine Urban
  • Dr. James Incorvia
  • Dr. Stephen & Margie Kantor
  • Dr. Theodore & Elba Purcell
  • Dr. William Brath
  • Dru Simms
  • Elizabeth Dodge Ortlieb
  • Frank & Marilyn Smart
  • Fred & Alanna Niles
  • Fred & Constance Cornett
  • Fred & Rosalee Colgrave
  • Fred & Sheri Fishel
  • Fred & Sheri Toban
  • Fred Fahimy
  • Fred Garrison
  • Fred Sharman
  • Fritz Ortlieb
  • Gary M Blumm MD
  • Gene & Lana Toms
  • George & Elizabeth Francke
  • Geraldine Gilliland
  • Gerard Kenny, Esq.
  • Gianfranco Delfanti
  • Gilbert McCann
  • Greg & Eileen Barnette
  • Greg & Michelle Grimaldo
  • Gregory & Vida Knapp
  • Gwyne & Agnes Kirckpatrick
  • Helen Wehr
  • Houschang Pakpour
  • Howard Lomas
  • Hussein & Gloria El-Ghoroury
  • Irving Brecher
  • Jack & Sandra Shelver
  • Jan & Keith Gunn
  • Jay & Renee Keller
  • Jean Craig McNeilly
  • Jeanne Litscher
  • Jeff Powers
  • Jeremy Larner
  • Jerome & Margaret Singer
  • Joan Tanzer
  • Joel & June Simmons
  • John & Dorothy Hancock
  • John Fitzsimmons & Kathleen Flynn
  • John J. Gannon & James J. Rytuba
  • John Markowski
  • John Ueberroth
  • Jon & Kathryn White
  • Jon P. Wack, MD
  • Joseph & Carolyn Goubert
  • Kenyon & Kathy Clark
  • Ketan & Pankajbala Patel
  • Larry & Velia Truesdale
  • Lewis & Nancy Lane
  • Lisa & Tom DeFloria
  • Lori G. London
  • Marcel & Mary Tabar
  • Margaret C. Neal
  • Maria & David Herrera
  • Marion Schwartz
  • Mark Rubash & Melanie Hills
  • Mark Winner
  • Martin R. Thomas
  • Mary & Marinos Garbis
  • Lillian Weitzner
  • Mary & Marinos Garbis
  • Matthew Philpit
  • Michael & Shiree Trozera
  • Michael Hartney, Esq.
    Chrissa Corday-Hartney, Esq.
  • Michael Johanek, M.D.
  • Michael Lustig
  • Michele Butler-Sheffler
  • Michelle Guerrier
  • Mike & Karen Miller
  • Mordecai "Mordy" & Elizabeth Levine
  • Nancy & Bill Newsome
  • Oleg & Irina Yevteyev
  • Pala Mesa Resort
  • Patricia Geary Johnson
  • Peter Johnson & Abigail Melamed
  • Philip J. Barr, Ph.D.
  • Philip Shoptaugh
  • Phillip & Mary Kattenhorn
  • Phillip Chodur &
    Rosalyn Warburton Chodur
  • Post Ranch Inn
  • Raj Kanodia, M.D.
  • Randolph Ortlieb
  • Randy & Cheryl Lush
  • Raymond & Susan Neal
  • Raymond Lew & Susan Buck-Lew
  • Richard & Patty Balas
  • Richard & Susan Trueblood
  • Richard A. Smith, Esq.
  • Robert & Eileen Weiskopf
  • Robert & Elaine Knight
  • Robert & Lora Sandroni
  • Robert & Margaret (Dec'd) Ploss
  • Robert & Ruth Fischer
  • Richard & Gisela Guttman
  • Robert Maloy, CPA & Diane Bailey
  • Rodney Henninger
  • Roe Gruber
  • Roger Stewart
  • Roland J. & Isabelle Hawkins
  • Ronald Dinning, DDS & Laura
  • Russell Batchelder
  • Saeed Foroutan
  • Sally Ann Harris-Charron
  • Sam & Kathryn Price
  • Sandra "Jill" Tallerico
  • Scott & Marsha Hudson
  • Scott & Susan Groff
  • Sharon B. Drager, M.D.
  • Sharrie Dorney
  • Shawn Rosenberg
  • Stefan Moldovan, MD & Adina Moldovan
  • Stephen & Darlene Spiker
  • Steve & Hannalore Klein
  • Steve & Leslie Chew
  • Steven R. Fletcher
  • Suk Kyu Lee
  • Sydney Kapchan
  • Timothy & Catherine Suverkrubbe
  • Tom Stout
  • Wade & Sharon Enniss
  • Wayne Larson
  • Western Care Construction
  • William & Marsanne Brammer
  • William B. Davisson
  • William "Bill" Johnson
  • William S. Neal M.D. & Natalie
  • Wolfe & Judy von dem Bussche

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