It may seem that this time of year is for holiday cheer and reflections of gratitude with family, friends, and colleagues. For business owners and homeowners affected by the recent California wildfires, though, this precious time now has to be given over to the insurance claim process.

Or does it?

Filing a claim for wildfire damage to your property can be a complex, time-consuming ordeal without an insurance professional by your side. Your insurance company will have its own professionals looking after its own interests. Who will be on your side to level the playing field and maximize your recovery?

Our public adjusters fill that role with unmatched expertise. As your partners in recovery, we handle every step of the insurance claim process to get you what you are entitled to from your policy.

From a thorough damage assessment to negotiating your settlement with your insurance company, we provide the knowledge, guidance, and action to:

● Save you time

● Lower your stress

● Get you a fair settlement so you can recover sooner

We are known for changing people’s lives, and those who choose to engage with us are able to find peace of mind during tumultuous times. At The Greenspan Co. / Adjusters International, we celebrate giving policyholders the freedom and valuable time to focus on loved ones, the holidays, and fruitful plans for the new year.

From our team to yours, Happy Holidays and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!