Steve Severaid Stars in The Saving With Steve Show

Steve Sexton, host of the eponymous show Saving with Steve, invited Greenspan President Steve Severaid once again—this time to discuss homeowners’ insurance. Steve leverages his 38 years of experience as a public adjuster to highlight what homeowners need to know about their policies, new legislation affecting the insurance industry, and how to best prepare for any claim.

Podcast host Steve Sexton is a renowned personal finance consultant, bestselling author, and finance contributor to high-profile media outlets such as CNN, ABC, CNBC, Bankrate, and more. In addition to the Facebook Live event, the Saving With Steve episode was later featured on 1520 AM/99.5 FM (Las Vegas) and 101.5 FM (Long Beach). The entirety of the show can be accessed at any time via Spotify and Apple Podcasts.