You have a current or potential client who has suffered property damage to their business or home.

They want you to help prepare their insurance claim.

You may be an accountant, attorney, risk manager or property manager with a focused skill set to assist in certain areas of the claim process. But does that skill set also include preparing your client’s detailed insurance claim? Do you have the time to understand the full scope of their policy and the ins and outs of proving their loss to the insurance company to get the maximum amount?

That’s where we come in. Consider adding a professional public adjuster to your claim team. For you and your client, we provide our unmatched experience and resources to:

  • Provide invaluable insight, guidance, and strategy in the insurance claim process
  • Accurately document the full extent of property damage
  • Prepare all necessary paperwork for the claim
  • Present your client’s claim to the insurance company and help negotiate for the maximum amount

Throughout all of this, and most importantly, we are a committed team player working in concert with you to make the insurance claim process smoother for your client to recover quicker and with all possible benefits.

Whether it be a natural disaster, such as wildfire damage or earthquake damage, or a man-made catastrophe, your proactive choice in recommending the right professional to help at the right time can make all the difference in making a happy client your long-term client.

Discover more on how we can help you with your client’s property damage claim:

  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Risk Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Insurance Agents and Brokers

Consider adding us to your team of trusted advisors! For more information on how The Greenspan Co./ Adjusters International team can be of value to your team, visit our website or call 888.473.3677.