Insurance Recovery Workshop - Week 4

In our latest workshop, Rino Benenati and Kenneth Crown meet with residents of the Redding community to discuss the insurance recovery process with an emphasis on the building portion of the claim.


Topics discussed include:

● How to prepare your building claim including:

     • Preparing the estimate   

     • Extensions of coverage for debris removal, 
       code work, separate structures

     • Landscaping

● How to prepare your personal property claim including:

     • Preparing the list

     • Aging & conditioning and their meaning

     • Deprecation and its meaning

     • How to depreciate

     • Making replacement cost claims

● Rebuilding

     • On site or elsewhere

     • Purchasing a replacement

● Additional living expenses

     • What is covered?

     • What is not covered?

     • What is equivalent?

     • Fair Rental Value strategies

● Policy terminology

Weekly workshops are being help at the Red Lion Hotel in Redding, CA. If you would like to attend, additional information can be found here: