Wildfires - A Message From Greenspan Management

If you've been impacted by wildfire, you are not alone. As your advocates in the property damage insurance claim process, we level the playing field, advise you on your options, and help get you more, sooner. We lower your stress and save you time so you can focus on yourself and your family.


Welcome. I'm Steve Severaid. I'm a Principal here at The Greenspan Co./ Adjusters International if you've suffered damage or devastation due to a recent wildfire i'd like you to know you're not alone since sydney greenspan founded our firm back in 1946 we've helped more than fifteen hundred of our neighbors recover from what seemed like insurmountable loss we understand that you're concerned about your family your community your lifestyle and of course your livelihood it's hard to fathom that on top of the devastation there's a claim to prepare belongings to document and insurance company representatives to haggle with the outcome of this frequently protracted battle could really change your life forever the question facing you and our neighbors is how do i begin to pick up the pieces how do i protect my family's interests and finances and also manage the stress in the aftermath you'll benefit from taking a step back to consider the best options available for settling your insurance claim that's where we come in as public adjusters our team at greenspan serve as your personal advocates with your best interests in mind we go to work for you immediately to help you with everything from arranging interim housing to restore some sense of normalcy to analyzing your policy alongside your unique situation bringing in experts to properly document your true damage and loss then we engage with your insurance company from a position of strength to ensure you achieve the greatest settlement possible in the shortest amount of time as a professional who's personally negotiated with insurance companies to protect public's interest since 1989 i have one unambiguous piece of advice don't go it alone now is the very time when you need an experienced advocate on your side as you engage with your insurance company to settle what is likely to be one of the largest and most complex financial transactions in your life as the region's largest public adjusting team in business for 75 years greenspan brings together inventory insurance and building experts to manage the process and optimize your settlement to ensure you receive every single dollar you're legitimately entitled to under the terms and conditions of your policy as an employee-owned company all of us here share a common vision to see that our clients recover fully in the shortest time possible and to relieve the stress so you can focus on your family your job and your life allow us to meet with you if we see an opportunity to protect you and add value we'll share with you how and why we'll leave you with a proposal if you do choose to work with us on one thing you can rely we will always have your back thanks again for your time i wish you the very best in your recovery