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Chico Public Adjusters

Get more for your property damage claim with our Chico public adjusters.

If you’ve suffered property damage in Chico, California and need to file an insurance claim, did you know you don’t have to settle for what your insurance company thinks it owes you? Get a fair settlement with an experienced and licensed public adjuster representing you, handling your claim, and looking out for your family and business.

This may be the first and only time you have to file a claim, and the process can become overwhelming and drawn out if you let it be. Insurance companies are businesses, and they treat these situations like a business — doing what they can to minimize their financial commitment to you.

At The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International, we don’t stand for that. Our public adjusting team treats your recovery seriously and has the unmatched experience to maximize your claim and negotiate a full settlement with your insurance company in the event of a wildfire, severe storm, flood, or any other source of damage to your home or commercial property. Save time with a public adjuster on your side.

What type of property damage is common in Chico?


Upper Bidwell Park and the foothills on the eastern edge of Chico are especially vulnerable to wildfires. Our public adjusters have handled claims for every major California wildfire in the last fifty years and can help with your wildfire claim today.

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Storm Damage and Flooding

Storm Damage and Flooding

Chico, Lake Almanor, and surrounding areas can experience severe weather in the winter months — freezing temperatures, high speed winds, lightning, heavy rain, and flooding — and suffer different kinds of property damage. Our public adjusters know how to manage claims from this type of weather, helping you understand your coverage while maximizing your recovery.

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Why do you need a Chico public adjuster?

As a property owner in Northern California, having a public adjuster on your side is a smart and proactive decision. A licensed public adjuster working for you ensures that you are fairly represented when dealing with your insurance company. We know the insurance company’s process, and we have our own to make sure nothing is left on the table when negotiating the best possible settlement for you. We do that by efficiently preparing your claim, expediting it, and achieving a settlement that is substantially higher than what you’d be initially offered. Most importantly, we save you the time and stress of going through this alone, allowing you to focus on your family and business.

Why The Greenspan Co.?

For seventy-three years we’ve set the bar for expert public adjusting services throughout the Western United States. Our commitment is unwavering in helping residential and commercial policyholders recover more, sooner. Because of that drive, our reputation for success has made us the most sought-after resource for people and businesses looking to get the best possible outcome from their insurance claim after California wildfires and other disasters. Take a look at our list of 5,000 references to discover how we can help you.

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