When your home has been damaged by a wildfire, what should you do next?

For those affected by the recent wildfires in California, we have gathered resources to aid in the beginning of the insurance claims process. We currently have teams in place available to assist those affected and are happy to speak with you at no obligation. To find out how we can help, give us a call at 888.473.3677, email us or fill out the form at the bottom of this page for more information. References are available upon request. Please call or email for a comprehensive list.

“When we first experienced the loss, we did not realize the kind of emotional, time and financial strain an event of this nature can have on the most well organized and prepared individual. You and your firm provided exceptional support in helping us understand our insurance coverage, and worked on our behalf to make sure the insurance company paid the benefits that we were due as part of our policy. We elected to use an adjuster because it was clear that the insurance company was not being transparent, and were not openly advising us how we could best fully realize the benefits from the coverage we had been paying for all these years. We selected your firm based on the very positive recommendation of several colleagues, and I only wish I would have engaged your firm sooner. I would strongly recommend your firm to a colleague or a friend.”

- Michael Mendes, homeowner and CEO of Just Desserts

Northern California Resources:

Factors To Consider  Wildfire

Wildfire References

Excerpts From Wildfire Letters of Commendation

Wildfire Letters of Commendation

Southern California Resources:

Recent Residential Letters of Commendation

Excerpts From Wildfire Letters of Commendation

Wildfire Letters of Commendation



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Personal Property Assistance:

Memory Guide Workbook

Personal Property Primer

Whole House Guide

Sample Residential Inventory

How We Can Help:

California Wildfires: Public Adjuster Assistance for Homeowners

What is a Public Adjuster?

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