Did you know you have the option to use the insurance expertise of a licensed public adjuster to make sure your insurance company gives you a fair settlement?

As overwhelming of a time this can be for you, your family, and business, it’s important to consider that your insurance company’s focus is to minimize their financial commitment to you. It’s just business — but not to our public adjusters. Our team at The Greenspan Company/Adjusters International is on the policyholder’s side, managing your claim start to finish and advocating for your best interests so you are not left with an inadequate settlement that could limit your financial recovery. We know what’s at stake and work relentlessly to get you back to your life and business sooner.

What Type of Property Damage Is Common in Anaheim California?


Our expert public adjusters have been on the ground helping people and communities rebuild after every major California wildfire for the past fifty years. Orange County wildfires are no exception. When homes and businesses are destroyed by a disaster like the Canyon Fire 2 in the Anaheim Hills, we know how to work with insurance companies to get you every dollar you’re entitled to from your insurance policy.

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On average, California has about five hundred earthquakes large enough to be detected and felt each year. And since Orange County has a number of seismic faults, earthquakes are a significant concern for the area. As the premier public adjusting firm in California, we are highly experienced and well-versed in major earthquake damage insurance claims and can help you maximize your settlement.

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Flooded Residential Neighborhood


Flash floods can strike without warning and cause significant damage within seconds. With heavy rain and run-off from local hillsides and clogged storm drains, flash flooding is an issue in Southern California. Take the Santa Ana River in Orange County, and the devastating flood it caused throughout Anaheim in 1938. Although that was from another time, the Santa Ana River is still here and still prone to flood, especially in the winter months. Whichever the cause, our public adjusters know the intricacies of flood damage claims and how to maximize and expedite your recovery.

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Landslides and Mudslides

Landslides, mudslides, and debris flow in Anaheim can be caused by earthquakes, storms, and wildfires. If your home, business or commercial property is affected by these disasters, our Anaheim public adjusters can work with you immediately to accurately assess the damage and file a maximized claim to get your more so you can rebuild.

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Why Do You Need an Anaheim Public Adjuster?

As a property owner in Southern California, having a public adjuster by your side is the best way to stay in control of your insurance claim. Without an insurance professional working only for your best interests, how would you otherwise know when to question the insurance company and their team of adjusters? How would you know to push back if something didn’t feel right in their settlement offer? Licensed public adjusters know the insurance claims process inside and out and how insurance companies operate to protect their bottom line. We level the playing field with this insight and expertise, maximizing your claim and negotiating on your behalf for an optimal settlement.

Why The Greenspan Co.?

When it comes to Anaheim property damage claims, nobody has the experience or level of service of The Greenspan Company/Adjusters International. We’ve been helping homeowners, businesses, and commercial property owners for seventy-three years, successfully managing their claims for California wildfire damage, floods, earthquakes, collapse, business interruption, and more. Our public adjusters are licensed in many states and, because of that, have handled claims in a variety of industries for a range of disasters and circumstances. Take a look at our list of 5,000+ references from happy clients and discover how we can help you.

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