The insurance company will be protecting their own interests and seek to minimize their financial commitment to your recovery. To them it’s just business, but to us, it’s not right. The Greenspan Company’s public adjusters have the expertise and resources to focus on your claim and settlement so you can focus on your family and business. We work for you, and get you more, sooner.

What Type of Property Damage Is Common in Long Beach California?


Long Beach may not be the first region that comes to mind when you think of California wildfires, but Long Beach wildfires are a threat. For example, the El Dorado Nature Center has been tagged for its brush fire potential and its proximity to homes. Our public adjusters have handled claims for every major California wildfire in the last fifty years, and can help with your wildfire damage claim immediately.

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Flooded Residential Neighborhood


Storms and coastal flooding across Long Beach can infiltrate homes and commercial property, causing water damage, mold growth, destroyed electrical systems, and more. Our public adjusters know the intricacies of flood damage insurance claims and how to expedite them for a maximized recovery.

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Adjusters International Storm Claim

Business Interruption

When a natural or man-made disaster causes damage to your commercial property or operations, a business interruption claim is meant to cover the amounts you would be expected to earn if the disaster didn’t happen. Preparing this kind of claim can become complex, but our public adjusters know how to identify and document all the damage, both immediate and long-term.

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Why Do You Need a Long Beach Public Adjuster?

When a natural or man-made disaster strikes and you suffer property damage, it is up to you to contact your insurance company and file a claim. Have you done this before? Do you have the time? Your family or employees are relying on you to get their lives back to normal as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the insurance company will be protecting their financial commitment to you. With a public adjuster on your side, you have an advocate saving you time and lowering your stress by handling every step of the insurance claims process. We help you understand your policy and options, document the full scope of damage, and negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company for a substantially higher settlement.

Why The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International?

With over seventy-three years of experience in public adjusting and a reputation for unmatched success, The Greenspan Company has become the standard in our industry. We’ve handled thousands of claims throughout Long Beach, the state of California, and the Western United States. Our purpose is to keep people, families, and businesses in control of their insurance claim in one of the most trying times of their lives. With compassion and drive, we work relentlessly to make sure policyholders get settlements that are substantially higher than what they may have been initially offered by their insurance company. Take a look at our 5,000+ referrals from happy clients to discover how we can help you.

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