Our team of public adjusters works to ensure you get a full, fair, and expedited settlement from your insurance company in the event of a wildfire, flood, earthquake or any other source of damage to your home or commercial property.

We navigate the complexities of your policy, thoroughly evaluate and document your damage, and handle all communication with your insurance company — saving you time, lowering your stress, and ensuring the optimal outcome.

What Type of Property Damage Is Common in Malibu California?


Malibu is covered in one of the most combustible types of brush in existence — chaparral, a woody plant full of extremely flammable oils. Combine that with the Santa Ana winds and you have a wildfire that can spread fast. We saw this with the Corral Fire and the devastating Woolsey Fire of 2018. Our public adjusters have helped many property owners recover from Malibu wildfires.

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Malibu canyons were created by the same force that generates California earthquakes. Its position on the Malibu Coast Fault — about one hundred and twenty-five miles — makes earthquake damage a significant concern for policyholders.

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Flooded Residential Neighborhood


The torrential rain from the Pacific Ocean — especially during the winter months — produces periodic flooding affecting Malibu properties. We know how to handle complex flood insurance policies — and the various types of damage they can cause — to get you more.

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Steep topography and heavy rainfall are the causes for many landslides and mudslides. And the regular occurrence of wildfires worsens the issue because they promote the flow of water and soil. For example, after the Woolsey Fire, the area was pummeled by rain, creating more damage from mudslides and debris flow.

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Why Do You Need a Malibu Public Adjuster?

Malibu is known for its natural disasters. As a property owner, having an insurance professional on your side places you in a proactive position when handling your insurance claim. A licensed public adjuster working for you ensures that you are fairly represented and that you gain an optimal settlement.

Why The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International?

The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International has extensive experience with property damage claims in Malibu. With over seventy-three years of successfully handling claims, we’ve set the standard for insurance adjusting throughout the Western United States. With thousands of references from happy clients, we have become a highly sought-after resource when homeowners, business owners, and communities need to recover quickly and fully from the devastating effects of natural disasters.

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