Your insurance company will have an insurance adjuster working on their behalf to minimize their payment to you. To ensure your claim is managed properly and that you get the amount you’re truly entitled to from your policy, you should have a public adjuster on your side to accurately prepare your claim, challenge the insurance company when necessary, and negotiate a higher settlement.

That’s what we are here for. The public adjusters from The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International have been the top public adjuster resource for Nevada policyholders for over seventy-three years. Our unmatched experience and success have set the standard in our industry throughout the Western United States.

What Type of Property Damage Is Common in Nevada?


More than half the state’s disasters are from wildfires — with millions of acres being torched and the risk of damage from Nevada wildfires progressively increasing. Take, for instance, the 2018 Martin Fire, which was the largest and most damaging in state history.

Our Las Vegas public adjusters operate throughout the entire state to maximize wildfire claims immediately, start to finish, so homeowners and businesses can focus with less stress on their families, employees, and customers.

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Flooded Residential Neighborhood


Nevada flooding is a common problem, even though the state gets the least annual precipitation in the country. Riverine flooding, flash flooding, alluvial fan flooding, and debris flow are the biggest risks and result in major property damage at high costs. Think about the Reno-Sparks flood of 2017 as an example, causing more than a million dollars in damage.

The Greenspan Company’s public adjusters understand the nuances of Nevada flood claims and how to navigate the insurance claims process to get you more.

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With fault lines in just about every part of the state, Nevada is the third most seismically active state in the country, only outmatched by California and Alaska. And as residents know, a massive Nevada earthquake is long overdue, which could result in catastrophic damage to homes and businesses.

Our team is well versed in Nevada earthquake property damage claims, having helped many policyholders maximize their insurance settlements in the wake of disasters like the 2008 Wells earthquake, which caused nearly $15 million in damage.

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Why Do You Need a Nevada Public Adjuster?

Considering the variety of natural disasters that happen in Nevada, property damage is a common issue for families, businesses, and commercial property owners.

If you own property in Nevada, you know that disaster preparedness is crucial. Part of that preparation includes connecting with a licensed public adjuster to handle the entire insurance claim process, advocate for your best interests, and negotiate a full settlement on your behalf. The insurance company will have its own insurance adjuster looking out for them. Have a public adjuster on your side to level the playing field and keep you in control of your recovery.

Why The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International?

Our public adjusters at The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International have extensive experience handling every type of Nevada property damage claim and have more than five thousand client references confirming our expertise and successful results. This has made us the standard in insurance adjusting throughout the Western United States.

When disaster strikes and your financial future is on the line, you want the best of the best in your corner for the insurance claims process. That is what you can expect from our team.

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