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The Inventory


Dick Emerine:

The best of all worlds – or the world that makes the most sense – is to have a public adjuster do it… you’ve been living with your personal possessions for as – all the years that you’ve lived with them. It’s so easy to forget, what you have, and trying to recreate it.

Second of all, I can honestly say, from my personal experience – the most devastating part of the entire process, is when you see the list, of everything that you’ve lost in a fire.

For example, the inventory claims person, woman by the name of Heather – she went through my fire and clipped the labels off of ties…took photos of shoes that were destroyed…towels…went into my pantry, counted the numbers of rolls of toilet paper…half burnt pencils…cologne in the thing – and put together a list, that I swear must have been fifteen, sixteen thousand items long…things that were destroyed in my house.

One, I never could have done that myself. Two, if I would have tried it myself, I would have ended up in tears, just realizing everything that I lost – and they did that within thirty days.

The entire process – from beginning to end – was done in a very professional, friendly manner.

Just save yourself a lot of grief by letting someone else do that and put it together. Trying to do that yourself, is just – it’s possible, but God, it could be the most painful thing that you’ve ever attempted to do – and the reward isn’t that great.

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