In 2017, after the Tubbs Fire destroyed homes and communities in Sonoma County, our public adjusters made a big difference.

The Santa Rosa City School District asked for our help to get things back to normal.

Shawna Degrange at her family-owned Cloverleaf Ranch allowed us to guide her through her policy and what to look out for when the insurance company came with their own adjusting team.

Nearby on Horizon View Way, our public adjusters were alongside Christine and Ken Born assembling our own team of inventory specialists and disaster recovery professionals to help place value on all that was damaged or gone.

Just north at Viluko Vineyards on Alpine Road, our team of licensed public adjusters and forensic accountants were absorbed in every detail of the damage inflicted on the property and operations, documenting the immediate and projected loss for the claim.

The owners of the Kmart Building and Hopper Lane Apartments relied on us.

These are just a few of the many people and families we helped.

Why were we sought out by communities, businesses, homeowners, and vineyards? For fifty years we have specialized in California wildfire insurance claims and have successfully handled a variety of property damage claims for every major wildfire in that time.

People call our team because they trust us or have spoken to past clients who do. In fact, we have over thirty years of client references for wildfire claims.

When the insurance company has its own team looking out for their interests, our public adjusters are there to guide and place you in a stronger position to get the best possible settlement.

We don’t hesitate. We can’t. And just as we did during the Tubbs Fire, 2018 Camp Fire and Carr Fire, and back to the 1991 Oakland Hills Fire, our team will relentlessly advocate for policyholders when it comes time to deal with their insurance company, file a claim, and negotiate their settlement.

Our public adjusters are already in place and handling claims in Windsor, Healdsburg, and Geyserville for the 2019 Kincade Fire.

If you need immediate claim help, contact us or our wildfire client references to ask about their experience working with The Greenspan Company/Adjusters International.

When disaster strikes, our focus is on helping people in the insurance claims process and changing their lives for the better.