Your home or business property was damaged or destroyed by an unexpected disaster, like the recent California wildfires.

It was your responsibility to contact your insurance company and initiate the claim process and your recovery.

It was your task to take inventory of the contents lost and assess the overall damage to your house or building, perhaps with an adjuster provided by the insurance company.

It was your time invested — on top of looking after your family, home, and business — to understand your policy and your options as presented by your insurance company.

Now that they’ve determined what you’re owed, are you satisfied with their settlement offer? How can you know for sure?

Maybe it’s time to find out from a licensed public adjuster — was the insurance company fair, or is there more you are entitled to? After all, your home or business is your life. Our priority is helping families and businesses take a step back and become aware of the options they have that may make all the difference in recovering more sooner. There is no cost for us to meet and review your proposed settlement.

If our public adjusters discover that anything was left out, we can get to work immediately on maximizing your property damage claim.

We are unmatched claims insurance professionals working only for you. Be it wildfire damage, structural collapse, a house fire, or other sudden disasters, our dedicated team has the public adjusting expertise and resources to save you time, lower your stress, and get you back to your life sooner.

What can you do if you’re dissatisfied with your insurance company’s settlement offer?

Don’t settle and don’t wait. Contact our public adjusters today for a free consultation on recovering more sooner.

Consider adding us to your team of trusted advisors! For more information on how The Greenspan Co./ Adjusters International team can be of value to your team, visit our website or call 888.473.3677.