The California Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) had its annual meeting earlier this month in Santa Barbara, and our team was there to attend in full support as a member and strategic partner.

The CFFA is a voluntary, nonprofit agricultural trade association that represents the needs and interests of its members on a regulatory and legislative level. Members include fruit growers and shippers, and those in crop protection, irrigation services, farm management, and more.

What does our public adjusting firm have to do with fresh fruit and farming?

Disasters – sometimes individual and sometimes regional – that regularly affect farming, production, and distribution.

These disasters can range from a fire, wildfire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, windstorm, mechanical defect, product recall, and more. When they happen, it’s critical to have a team of professionals on board, charged with financial recovery. That way management can focus on ensuring uninterrupted service and production for its employees, growers, and customers. No different than a surgeon has an anesthesiologist, a radiologist, and an OR team to assist them, the agribusiness owner needs an attorney, an insurance broker, an accountant, and a professional public adjuster on their team – each one doing what they are trained for and what they do best – to maximize recovery. Engaging a seasoned and proactive public adjuster can make a crucial difference in securing a fair settlement for the business’ survival.

As insurance professionals independent of the insurance company – private adjusters – we are hired by policyholders for our extensive experience in damage assessment, business interruption, and strategic guidance to expedite and optimize claims to recover more sooner. With decades of success helping policyholders in many industries, we are proud to be a ready and valuable resource for companies and organizations in agriculture, and look forward to upcoming events in collaboration with the CFFA!

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