This year, The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International celebrates its 75th anniversary. Since its beginnings in 1946, the firm has continued to grow and has served tens of thousands of clients over the years. Reflecting on the elements that brought Greenspan/AI to where it is today, there’s no doubt that their employees’ dedication is at the top of the list.

During the firm’s 75th year, several Greenspan/AI employees are celebrating milestone anniversaries of their own. The organization honors the following employees for 25 years or more of service:

  • Gordon Scott, President and CEO
  • Robb Greenspan, Senior Partner
  • Paul Migdal, Executive Vice President and In-House Counsel
  • Jim Warren, Executive Vice President
  • Steve Severaid, Senior Vice President and Treasurer
  • Chris Glenister, CPA, Forensic Accountant and Board Member
  • Kenneth Crown, Senior Construction Cost Estimator
  • Matt Goldstein, Professional Public Insurance Adjuster
  • Susy Kim, Professional Public Insurance Adjuster
  • Mark Fratkin, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development
  • Orlando Villavicencio, Inventory Specialist

This includes the following who still work with Greenspan/AI, even post-retirement:

  • Bill Rake, Consultant Executive and former President and CEO
  • Arnie Abramson, Principal
  • Richard Tanitsky, Principal

“It is a true testament to Greenspan/Adjusters International that the number of employees who have dedicated 25 years or more of their lives to this firm is in the double digits,” said Steve Severaid. “Each one of these individuals is extraordinary, and Greenspan is the leading public adjusting firm on the West Coast today because of their commitment and hard work over the decades.”

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