Do you know what you should do when a fire, windstorm, earthquake or flood damages your property or business? Rely solely on your insurance company, right?


The insurance company will send its own insurance adjuster to assess your damage. While they may be helpful, they are unable to advocate for your interests while representing their employer.

You have the right to a full and just insurance payout. But to achieve this outcome, you’ll need experts working on your behalf—professionals who have your best interests at heart and who thoroughly understand the complexity of the insurance claim process.

That’s where Public Adjusters come in.

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is your own private insurance adjuster licensed to exclusively represent you throughout the entire insurance claim process, ensuring a full insurance settlement.

Why would I ever need a Public Adjuster?

Just as you need a lawyer when you’re being sued, or an accountant to handle your year-end taxes, a Public Adjuster has the specialized knowledge needed for property insurance claims. We read the fine print, expertly navigating the most complex policies, and we roll up our sleeves to identify and document the hidden damages to your property. Plus, with our level of experience, we’re able to expedite a very lengthy process, mitigating further loss and allowing you to get back up and running sooner.

When do I hire a public adjuster?

As soon as possible.

When disaster strikes, call your insurance company to report the claim and then immediately call a Public Adjuster. By calling right away, you have the benefit of controlling the situation from the beginning.

Based on what your insurance policy covers, we’re able to help you understand what you’re entitled to and what’s required of you—and we manage the entire insurance claim process. Plus, we fight to get you the maximum amount of money you’re entitled to under your policy. You name the damage, our Public Adjusters will be there to help.

Who is The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International?

The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International is a Public Adjusting company that has been settling insurance claims for over 70 years. We have several offices in the Western United States located in California, Nevada, and Arizona. We are familiar with the local particularities of your community ensuring you get the support and claim expertise you need.

If you have damage to your commercial property, understand your options. Don’t let lack of information or a lowball offer determine your future. Contact The Greenspan Co. Adjusters International today!