There are a lot of moving parts at The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International. One of those parts that seem to operate seamlessly and flawlessly in the background — and is an integral part of our long-term plan and a part of our proven success — is our commitment to the community in the form of various and assorted education programs.

Continuing Education For Agents & Brokers (Northern California & Arizona):

We are proud of what we call “The Paul Migdal Show.” Paul travels throughout our territory, supported by Rich Hallock, Vice President and Director of Marketing, providing certified continuing education classes on topics that include — but are not limited to — Business Income Insurance, Property Insurance Issues, and FEMA Funding & Insurance Recovery.

Since this program began in 2009, Paul has taught 174 classes, representing 3,051 professionals in attendance. Paul's classes could not be taught without the work done by Rich, including but not limited to scheduling and setting up these classes, getting the classes certified with the various states, and following up with CE certificates for each of the participants. He's worked tirelessly with support staff in generating collateral that supports Paul.

Continuing Education For Agents & Brokers (Southern California & Nevada):

Robb Greenspan, Principal and Executive Adjuster, has been teaching public adjusting seminars and classes for over two decades to brokers and trade organizations covering claims, proper valuation of property, forms and endorsements that enhance commercial coverage, and more. Robb brings his participants current trends in claims adjusting and information on new laws affecting brokers and insureds. Robb frequently uses “Lunch and Learn“ seminars held at the office where he educates and feeds as well! No class is complete without professional magic to enhance the class and make it fun! Sandi Jackson and Mark Todd work tirelessly to assist with scheduling and follow-up (and assist with magic).

Firefighter Programs:

These programs are almost exclusively led by Rich Hallock. They began in Arizona and blossomed into meaningful relationships with fire departments in Arizona and California. Rich now has an extensive network of connections, many of whom recommend that victims — at the very least — get educated and hear what a public adjuster has to say. In sum, Rich has moved the needle from fire departments passionately suggesting to victims that they stay away from public adjusters to some fire departments actually recommending that victims listen to the public adjuster’s message.

Town Hall Meetings:

In the aftermath of disasters, our teams have offered communities town hall-style meetings that cover all the topics associated with the disaster following the disaster. These meetings typically attract attendance in the range of 40 to 200 people. They are usually held weekly for 4 to 12 weeks in the first few months following a disaster. They are incredibly well supported by our support staff who provide the meetings with collateral like PowerPoint presentations and a live interactive Q&A platform (, which allows interactive participation by the audience.

Industry Specific Meetings:

We have been asked to participate in meetings for such organizations as PG&E, Napa County Vintners Association, Medtronics, Kaiser Permanente, St. Joseph's Medical Group, and more — and have proudly done so. We have been keynote speakers for ISU, Tool Alliance, Alliance of Chief Executives, International Association of Insurance Professionals, Mortgage Bankers Association, and Western Building Materials Association.

In-House Education:

We continue to be committed to focused meetings with our professional staffs, where we discuss adjusting issues and industry trends.

A sudden disaster can crush a business indefinitely or shake a home immeasurably without proper guidance throughout the insurance claim process. As trusted professionals and partners in recovery, our team makes it a priority to provide policyholders and those helping policyholders with the knowledge they need to prepare a property insurance claim that achieves the best possible settlement. It is a commitment we’ve kept and built upon for decades, and decades to come.