Our public adjusters stepped in after the insurance company offered an inadequate settlement.

We are grateful for the recent comments published in the Marin Independent Journal and The Press Democrat about our public adjusting services for Audubon Canyon Ranch — a conservation nonprofit in Marin County.

The Nuns Fire engulfed the nonprofit’s Bouverie Preserve in 2017. Seven of nine buildings were destroyed — staff residences, the education center, the workshop, and all of the offices. They suspended operations and activities and submitted a property damage claim.

Then they hit a wall with their insurance company.

Their carrier offered a settlement way below the true value of reconstruction and would not budge after the nonprofit repeatedly attempted to negotiate a fair amount.

It is a common situation our public adjusters see every day — policyholders thrown into a time-consuming and stressful claims process they most likely have never experienced before.

Do policyholders know how to negotiate a settlement with an insurance claims adjuster? In what circumstance would a property insurance claim be rejected?

These are both good questions to ask, especially when the deck is stacked against the policyholder as the insurance company enlists its own seasoned team to protect its financial exposure to the claim.

Audubon Canyon Ranch did not have time for games. After a year, they were still not getting a sufficient settlement offer to cover the costs to rebuild — they were stuck.

Other Marin nonprofits told them to contact us. Within ten months, our team of experts meticulously cataloged everything the nonprofit lost from fire damage and negotiated with the insurance company for a higher and fair settlement.

Today, Audubon Canyon Ranch is back on track, reintroducing its programs to enrich the community by connecting nature, people, and science.

“If we had known that we could have enlisted the help of a public adjuster right away, we would have saved ourselves years of time in recouping the settlement, not to mention countless hours of stress.” — Nils Warnock, Interim Executive Director of Audubon Canyon Ranch

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Wildfire season in California always poses a threat to homes, businesses, and the property of nonprofits and government. Instead of reacting after the damage, you can take proactive steps now and have a public adjuster ready in case of disaster.

For over 75 years, our team of licensed public adjusters continues to handle thousands of property damage claims on behalf of policyholders in California. We are your advocates in the claims process. Start the conversation today.