Audubon Canyon Ranch suffered a catastrophic loss as a result of wildfire. This was a rapid and painful loss of the sites’ most essential buildings including all offices, staff residences, utility/maintenance facilities, and our beloved nature center. What added insult to injury was the amount of money our insurance carrier offered in payment for the value of the lost buildings. It was our organization’s very good fortune to hear about The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International and the excellent work you all do. After eleven months of dedicated collaboration with Greenspan’s extremely competent employees, we are over the moon to be receiving a settlement that increases our payout by almost a million dollars. On behalf of Audubon Canyon Ranch, I wish to offer my deepest gratitude to your team. Their dedicated efforts on our behalf made the impossible possible.

John Petersen, Executive Director - Audubon Canyon Ranch
Glen Ellen, CA
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    You just suffered serious damage to your nonprofit organization and are wondering what to do next.

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    You call your insurance company and wait for an adjuster to come out, hoping they will have your best interests at heart.

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    You move from the asset side of your insurance company's ledger to the liability side.

We Can Help

Knowing everything you possibly can about the "fine print" of your insurance policy before you have any substantive dialogue with your insurer is an absolute necessity. Know what you are covered for and how to claim it. What you say to your insurance company's adjuster and how you say it can make a dramatic difference in how much you get paid. The more you know, the better the results.

Nonprofit Factors to Consider

Be sure to understand each of the following factors before engaging with the insurance company. Knowledge is the key to a successful claim outcome.

  • What is my broker's/agent’s role?
  • Does the adjuster work for us or the insurance company? Why they can't work for both. It's a conflict.
  • Can I compensate employees who help with cleaning or restoration?
  • How quickly can we get started rebuilding?
  • How does the event affect volunteers?
  • How does the event affect donations?
  • How to quantify long-term effects of less effective community outreach?
  • Is the insurance company using an independent building or equipment consultant to prepare a bid? Who are these consultants? Who are they working for? Do they only work for insurance companies?
  • Continuing services to the congregation or the communities serviced. Best practices to continue.
  • Does the insurance company pay for professionals necessary to evaluate our claim? Are they working for us or them?
  • Is there coinsurance in my policy? What does it mean?
  • How does our policy address increased costs due to new codes? If our coverage is limited, what can we do about it?
  • Will the insurance company pay for a construction manager?
  • Utilizing extra expense coverage to secure "E-Space" for classrooms off-campus.
  • Can I compensate employees or volunteers who help with cleaning or restoration?

Nonprofit References

In addition to the 5,000+ references on our list, here are some well-known names in the non-profit industry we have helped.

The Difference Public Adjusters Make

We work exclusively for YOU, not the insurance company. Our insurance professionals have managed and negotiated thousands of claims for nearly every type of natural and man-made disaster. Local in our approach, we have over forty offices across the U.S. and Canada, and an unmatched network of expert resources to efficiently mobilize and be at your side.

Our Results

Audubon Canyon Ranch

Greenspan Adjusters International
Greenspan Adjusters International

North Coast Substance Abuse Council

Greenspan Adjusters International
Greenspan Adjusters International

Veterans of Foreign Wars

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Greenspan Adjusters International

Omak Elks Lodge

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Greenspan Adjusters International

Seattle's Union Gospel Mission

Greenspan Adjusters International
Greenspan Adjusters International
Going into this ordeal with little to no experience and facing an insurance carrier and their adjuster who deals with these situations daily, made for an initial frustrating assessment of our ability to receive the… Read More about Phil Morgan, President/CEO

Phil Morgan, President/CEO, Escondido Humane Society

Actual results will vary based on individual circumstance and nature of insurance claim loss. There are no guarantees you will experience the same results.