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The strategic preparation and negotiation by The Greenspan Co. / Adjusters International in presenting the insurance claim clearly tipped the scales in favor of De Angelo’s Restaurant

...your lead adjuster took command of our claim and negotiations with our insurance carrier and has returned more than three times what the initial claim value appeared to be. ...As a result of all your fine efforts, we have been able to rebuild a new facility, larger than the one we lost; installed a state of the art packing line; and have improved our site facility all for the amount of the settlement. ...We initially looked at your fee as a cost of doing business. It turns out that the fee we paid of $218,858.00 was a true value compared to the additional reimbursements Greenspan Adjusters International was able to negotiate on the claim. ...
Mike Casey
VP Risk Management & Human Resources - The Harris Ranch/Harris Farms, Inc.
You quickly assembled a team to interact with the insurance company’s construction experts. We could have easily suffered additional losses had it not been for the timely settlement you negotiated with our insurance company. Thanks to your experience, skill, diligence, and company’s reputation we were able to recover our policy limits from the insurance company. Given the co-insurance limitations in our policy, this amount far exceeded what we could have recovered on our own. This is not to mention the amount of time, effort and distraction from our own insurance agency business it would have taken us to recover any of the monies. We consider the fee of almost $62,000 that we paid for your services to be very reasonable.
John Oei