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As the oldest real estate firm in San Francisco, we have seen our share of damage to our own properties as well as those that we manage for others. Although we have run into other public adjusters, you and The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International team are steps above all the others. Your attention to detail combined with years of experience gave me confident and reassurance that our claim was going to be successfully negotiated with our insurance carrier...In the end there is no doubt in our minds that you collected more than we could have done on our own. Your fee was well worth it, and paled in comparison to the increased adjustment you were able to obtain.

Insurance Claim Services For Real Estate Management

When your real estate management company suffers property damage, your main focus should be on getting your operations up and running—yesterday.

You don’t have time for a drawn out insurance claim process or for the stacks of complicated paperwork required. When your computers and office equipment are wiped out and your office building is damaged, you need to recoup your losses fast. 

At Adjusters International, our experts help real estate management companies, like yours get the money they’re entitled to—sooner.

Your Situation

Situation 1
You just suffered serious damage to your real estate management company and you are wondering what to do next.
Situation 2
You call your insurance company and wait for an adjuster to come out hoping they will have your best interests at heart.
Situation 3
You move from the asset side of your insurance company's ledger to the liability side of their ledger.