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  • We relieve the stress
  • You get to focus on your family and your job
  • We secure larger settlements
  • We are proactive, not reactive
  • We level the playing field
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  • We allow you to focus on employee and customer retention
  • We have no conflict of interest as does the insurance company's adjuster
  • We secure larger settlements
  • We are proactive, not reactive
  • We level the playing field

Why Great Plains Adjusters International?

  • Our licensed Public Adjusters represent you, not the insurance company.
  • Our Public Adjusters handle every step of the claim to save you time and stress.
  • We have over 77 years of unmatched expertise preparing and settling property insurance claims.
  • We negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you receive every dollar you’re entitled to under your insurance policy.
  • We use our in-depth insurance policy knowledge to ensure you receive a full and fair property insurance claim settlement.
  • Our Public Adjusters have guided thousands of satisfied clients to a successful financial recovery.

Our Results

It was a very traumatic situation, but we felt very comfortable in having you take over the burden. It also helped us deal with the situation better by having someone as concerned and knowledgeable as you in our… Read More about Glenn Poy, Managing Director

Glenn Poy, Managing Director, Designworks/USA

You and your staff were extremely sympathetic and very professional in the way our claim was handled. We know there is no way that we could have received anywhere near as much compensation from the insurance company as… Read More about Joe & Evelyn Schorr

Joe & Evelyn Schorr

You leveled the playing field and made sure that we were represented professionally in every aspect of our losses. Your thorough cataloging and evaluation of our damaged personal property and your precise review of our… Read More about Ian Gaum, Asset Manager

Ian Gaum, Asset Manager, La Salle Hotel Properties

Your company was very prompt in accessing my loss and preparing the necessary complete documentation for a speedy insurance recovery. My claim was acted upon in a very timely manner.

Cuyler H. Leonard, DDS, Leonard Farms

The best thing you can do if your home is completely destroyed is hire a Public Adjuster or PA like The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International. Public Adjusters (PA) are companies who employ former insurance auditors… Read More about Kilian Kean

Kilian Kean

Little did we appreciate the effort it would take to satisfy the demands of State Farm; little did we truly understand what our insurance policy actually entitled us to. Looking back we are very thankful that we made… Read More about Jon & Cheryl Slusser

Jon & Cheryl Slusser

I would like to express my personal appreciation and also the appreciation of Lockheed management in general for the excellent job you and your associates did in working up our earthquake claim, particularly the… Read More about R. E. Butler, Director of Corporate Insurance

R. E. Butler, Director of Corporate Insurance, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation

Now that it’s over, we can say with 100% certainty that everything Rino and Eric said would happen actually happened. Farmers Insurance initially offered $295,606 to rebuild our home; however, Eric diligently and… Read More about Cynthia Grim

Cynthia Grim

The bottom line is that we simply could not have recovered from our disastrous fire without your professional assistance. Like most, I was initially skeptical of independent adjusters and at the time of the loss, I was… Read More about Jon Goldenbaum, Vice President

Jon Goldenbaum, Vice President, PolyFiber Aircraft Coatings

Our family recently went through a devastatingly large fire loss that left only the foundation standing. My brother was burned and our home destroyed. It was the worst day in our lives. No one expects for something like… Read More about Cinthia Chavez

Cinthia Chavez

How do you thank the team that has literally changed your life – where do you find the words and how is thank you ever enough? My experience so far exceeded my expectations; I am moved just writing this letter. Every… Read More about Jeffrey Varon

Jeffrey Varon

We greatly appreciate your professionalism, knowledge, and experience that have assisted us in the preparation of the claim and through our recent negotiations with the insurance carriers. It is clear to us that without… Read More about Kevin Daniels, President

Kevin Daniels, President, Nitze-Stagen & Co., Inc.

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Actual results will vary based on individual circumstance and nature of insurance claim loss. There are no guarantees you will experience the same results.