After experiencing a devastating fire that consumed their home in Atherton, CA, Patricia and Huff Targgart were grief-stricken and in a state of shock when they reached out to us for help. Our services had been recommended to them by a former Greenspan Co./Adjusters International client and neighbor from their bedroom community nestled between San Jose and San Francisco. The public adjuster leading their recovery effort, Kenny Taylor, built a relationship founded on trust and attention to well-being that is the hallmark of our approach to customer service. This is how Patricia and Huff described their experience:

The morning after our fire, a neighboring lady dropped by who had a similar disaster (single Mom with teenagers) and related how Greenspan had saved her and suggested your firm...nothing happens by accident, and the above relationship started...a more pleasant, efficient, compassionate, and sensitive one I cannot imagine. Kenny we have always felt was not just a business person (necessary as it had to be) to and for us, but one whom I feel I can call "friend" as well... The myriad of calls, arrangements, complications, etc., would never have been resolved to our satisfaction I’m sure without Kenny’s experience and constant availability, especially with older clients such as we.

Patricia and Huff Targgart

Recovering from a fire to your home can be an overwhelming process. Our public adjusters have years of experience with helping homeowners through the property insurance claims process. Call us today, and entrust your fire insurance claim into the capable hands of our public adjusters.