Steve Severaid Stars in The Saving With Steve Show

On June 10, 2021, The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International Principal, Senior Vice President & Treasurer Steve Severaid joined Steve Sexton on Facebook Live for an episode of the Saving With Steve Show.

Steve Severaid, who has over thirty years of public adjusting experience, spoke on the show about the role of a public adjuster, explaining how they can help homeowners navigate a variety of insurance pitfalls after a disaster. Severaid advised listeners to perform regular checkups on their policies to ensure they cover the rising costs to rebuild. Saving With Steve invites industry experts to examine financial issues such as tax reduction, solutions to reduce spending, 401k planning, risk management, retirement, and more with the goal of helping listeners develop a happier, healthier relationship with money.

Podcast host Steve Sexton is a renowned personal finance consultant, bestselling author, and finance contributor to high-profile media outlets such as CNN, ABC, CNBC, Bankrate, and more. In addition to the Facebook Live event, the Saving With Steve episode was later featured on 1520 AM/99.5 FM (Las Vegas) and 101.5 FM (Long Beach) on June 29th. The entirety of the show can be accessed at any time via Spotify and Apple Podcasts.