Wildfires are increasing and costs of material and labor are rising. This is the new normal.

The new normal strongly suggests that readjusting your insurance policy limits twice a year is critical to having enough coverage to rebuild.

Given the number and severity of wildfires over the last five years, it is clear that over a twelve-month period, construction costs can skyrocket. Simply put, if you were insured properly one year ago when you renewed your insurance policy, based on storm surge and increased cost of materials, you could be as much as 25% underinsured today.

At The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International, we provide services to homeowners and business owners following wildfires and other catastrophes, and we have seen what happens when your coverage is inadequate. For decades, we have guided our communities through the aftermath of disasters with empathy and skill, allowing businesses and homeowners to focus on their families, their employees, and their customers while we focus on handling the insurance claim. Don’t get caught underinsured. We urge every homeowner and business owner to review their insurance coverages not once a year - but twice a year.

For additional information: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210726005588/en/Amid-Wildfire-Season-The-Greenspan-Co.-Adjusters-International-Launches-Campaign-to-Encourage-Homeowners-to-Check-their-Insurance-Policy-Twice-a-Year